Saturday, October 31, 2015


From Fast Company, Drake Baer reports on how to create your own luck.  He shares research by Psychologist Richard Wiseman who studies luck.  Drake writes:

Wiseman, thankfully, has supplied us a cheatsheet for having a more productive relationship with chance. According to his research: 
Lucky people maximize chance opportunities: They create, notice, and act on opportunities—like by meeting lots of people and being open to new experiences. 
They listen to their hunches: And practices like meditation allow them to clear their mind of thoughts and act more quickly. 
They expect good fortune: Anxiety precludes you from seeing possibilities, a calm optimism allows you to spot them. 
And allow us to add a fourth: They're resilient. The more funding you have, the more "runway" the startup has to "pivot" from. The more you're determined that's "it's going to work," the longer you'll stick around until it does workGrit predicts success. That success is born of courting serendipity.
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