Sunday, July 31, 2016

7 Essential Tools for Building Your Personal Brand Online

From Social Media Today, Ryan Erskine offers his recommendations on 7 tools for building your personal brand online.  Ryan writes:

Here are 7 tools that make it easy to monitor and improve your online brand.

1. Google Alerts

You cannot afford to miss out on conversations about your brand.
It’s nice to know when you get a shout out, and proactive monitoring could mean the difference between effectively handling a crisis and completely dropping the ball.
The bottom line is you need to be the first to know when you’re mentioned online.
Craft a Google alert alert to stay on top of your mentions or those of your competition. Decide how often you want to receive the updates and the rest will handle itself.

2. Canva

Canva makes digital designing a cinch. Want to build a custom Twitter header or a high quality slideshow? Maybe a bespoke Pinterest pin or a beautiful Infographic?
The sky's the limit with Canva and you don’t need any design skills. With so many awesome templates, you can strategize visual elements and colors without stressing about the quality of the result.
Once you’re happy with a template, you can use it again and again to deliver visual content that your audience can come to expect and enjoy.
Canva is free with the opportunity to buy some templates and features for $1 each. I’ve spent a few dollars here and there but you can develop amazing designs without spending a cent.

3. BrandYourself

If you’re looking to improve your chances of getting hired or getting leads, then you’ll want to keep an eye on your online presence. And BrandYourself’s DIY tool is the one you’ll need.
With BrandYourself’s tool, you can track the movement of your search results over time. You’ll be notified when things change, get tips on how to improve your online properties to be SEO-friendly, and learn what to do to help things rise in search results over time.
The free DIY tool lets you track three online profiles while the $99 per year subscription gives you unlimited ability to track and improve your search results.
If you’re going to spend any money improving your online brand, BrandYourself’s DIY tool is the way to go.

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