Monday, December 12, 2016

6 Personal Branding Secrets from Drag Queens

From Fast Company, Gwen Moran offers six fabulous lessons about personal branding gleaned from drag queens.  Gwen provides these two to start:  


Huba recommends thinking of the brand you wish to develop as your "alter ego," just as many drag queens develop big, bold personas.
"You craft your persona with intention. It has to be authentic, but it also has to stand out and stand for something. You need to develop a fully rounded character," Huba explains. Answer those questions about yourself as a first step."If you're a good drag queen, you think about a 360-degree view. Who is this person? What is their name? What is their backstory? What are their personality traits? How would you describe them?


We live in a visual world, and when people see you, they form immediate opinions about who you are, Huba says. Drag queens know this and dress the part. Huba changed her personal style to help make her more confident in various situations and better project the way she wanted other people to see her. She worked with a department store stylist and found a few pieces that made her feel great about herself. The stylist told her that she wasn’t dressing "as fierce as you really are," she recalls.
"No one had ever called me fierce, and that’s what I wanted to be," she says. It’s a new take on "power dressing," where your clothes match the persona you’re building.
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