Sunday, January 29, 2017

Personal Branding Lessons from Muhammed Ali

Sheri Allain offers great advice on building your personal brand based on the great Muhammed Ali. She provides three terrific recommendations:
1. Brand Voice - aside from Muhammad Ali, has any boxer or fighter ever been associated with lyrical lines, political poetry and inspirational orations like Ali? Ali quotes are ubiquitous: strong, succinct, compelling and emotionally rich. While his trash-talking served as great sound-bites, it also established his rep as a fearless athlete who understood the importance of self-promotion.
Personal Branding Implication - determine your style of voice and make your statements bold, brazen, clear and strong. Move hearts, motivate minds and make 'em laugh. Speak the truth, aways.

2. Brand Visual - Ali was pretty. And he knew it. He looked good in boxing trunks, traditional African kente cloth and dashiki or the iconic bow-tie of the Nation of Islam. His figure was a vessel for winning fights and for making a political and cultural statement. When you think of Muhammad Ali, you don't think "sponsored by Brand X" or wonder what designer he wore to the awards gala. The man wore the clothes, the clothes never ever wore the man. And while tattoos today have become the equivalent of skin graffiti, Ali's body was an unmarked work of art and physical perfection.
Personal Branding Implication - worry less about the label and more about the package. Hold your self in high esteem always, for everything that you do is a direct reflection of your personal brand.

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